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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  July 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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"news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. deadly accident. a young man hit and killed by a car, the investigation causing problems for the morning commute. and dubious distinction. pepco lands atop a list it does not want to be on. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm pat lawson muse. eun yang is off this morning. welcome to "news 4 today" on monday, july 11th. let's take a live look outside right now. you can see hazy skies already. still dark. 74 degrees. and get ready for some more heat today. >> and, tom, just how hot is it going to be? >> and more humid too. and we'll be heating into the 90s. welcome, pat lawson muse. great to have you with us. this morning we're starting off with temperatures that are pleasant now. it's a nice start. not too humid yet. not too hot. we're in the low to mid-70s throughout most of the region. right now reagan national is at 76. in the mountains of western maryland, west virginia, many locations in the 60s this morning on the eastern shore.
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right now around the bay and the eastern shore, we're in the 60s and low 70s. but a pleasant morning throughout most of the region. we've got a clear sky, and we'll have this clear sky with us throughout the day. then some clouds will build a little bit this afternoon. then as the wind shifts into the south and southwest this morning in the afternoon. increased humidity and increased heat. our sunrise is in about 50 minutes at 5:52. by 9:00, we'll be in the low 80s, mid-80s by midmorning. and by nighttime near 90 degrees. in addition, with air pollution building, we'll have the stagnant air around a bit by this afternoon, so code orange for unhealthy air quality during the afternoon hours. we'll take a look at your "night planner." that will be coming up in about ten minutes at 5:11. new from overnight, montgomery county police are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident that has
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parts of germantown road shut down right now near the intersection of aircraft drive. news 4's tracee wilkins joins us live from the scene with more. good morning, tracee. >> reporter: good morning, joe. it's closed from aircraft drive down to crystal rock drive. let me show you the scene right here. there in the middle of the road, that's the vehicle that hit this pedestrian. it stays here on the scene. montgomery county police say just before 1:00 a.m. a 20-year-old pedestrian was crossing the southbound lanes of 118 on a diagonal outside of the crosswalk when he was struck by a silver lexus also traveling southbound. the pedestrian was transported to suburban hospital, where he died from his injuries. police say the pedestrian is a 20-year-old male, and they're holding his name pending family notification. we know that the driver of this vehicle was a 55-year-old male. at this point, he has not been charged with anything, but we did ask police about the possibility of charges. we'll have more on that coming up in my next report.
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as i said, for now, they do have this area of 118 closed. they have a nice go around for people heading southbound. for northbound, it may be more complicated. they're not looking at opening the northbound lanes until after we get into the morning rush. for more information on how you can possibly make your way around this mess, we go to danella sealock. i would suggest you take father hurley boulevard and avoid 118 all together and stay out of this and allow police to investigate. i want to show you some live cameras right now. here is the beltway at connecticut avenue. i can tell you the beltway in maryland, inner loop and outer loop, you are looking good. it's a smooth ride. and 95 in virginia, here at prince william parkway, and you're going to continue up to 395 and make your way to that 14th street bridge, it is a smooth ride with no incidents to report at this time. back to you, pat and joe. >> thanks, danella. an apparent water main break sent water into the street overnight at key bridge and canal road in georgetown. our news crew snapped these pictures of the gushing water. the break left a lot of water
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standing in the roadway. we left messages with d.c. water, but we haven't heard yet from the department. pepco comes out on top of a list that actually means it's at the bottom of the heap. according to the american customer satisfaction index group, pepco is the most disliked company in the country. the utility company ranked dead last in customer satisfaction because of complaints about poor service, high prices, and privacy intrusions. pepco was followed by delta airlines. time warner cable took the third spot. comcast took the fourth spot. comcast is the parent company of nbc universal, which owns nbc 4, and cable tv provider charter communications came in fifth. bank of america, jp morgan chase, american airlines, and u.s. airways also made that list. the countdown is on. the white house says congress has ten days to make a deal to raise the debt limit, but it looks like it could come down to the wire. eight house and senate leaders will meet with the president today after a sunday of talks
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that showed little progress. the white house wants $4 trillion in debt reduction as part of a deal to raise the ceiling, but the republicans only want about $2.4 trillion in cuts in order to avoid raising taxes. >> a big package would require big tax increases in the middle of an economic situation that's extraordinarily difficult with 9.2% unemployment. it's a terrible idea. it's a job killer. >> what is really appalling is to see our republican colleagues essentially providing a form of extortion. if you don't agree to deficit reduction the way we want it, we're going to put all these jobs at risk. >> treasury secretary timothy geithner says, if the debt ceiling is not raised by august 2nd, it could have catastrophic consequences on the global economy. president obama will hold a news conference about debt limit negotiations at 11:00 this morning, and you can watch that nbc special report right here on nbc 4.
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new defense secretary leon panetta is in iraq this morning meeting with top u.s. military and diplomatic leaders in baghdad. after that, he'll meet with iraqi leaders to discuss keeping possibly some u.s. troops in iraq beyond 2011. there are currently 46,000 troops there. his visit comes as iraqi police say three rockets hit baghdad's green zone overnight. panetta was not there at the time of those attacks. today prince george's county police will hold a press conference to announce they've made a major break in the murder of a convenience store clerk. they say they made an arrest in the death of 69-year-old richard chung sun nam. back in april, nam was killed outside the "n" street market grocery store on annapolis road in bladensburg. police say the killer then set the store on fire to try to cover up what might have been a robbery attempt. also today, prince george's county police will release surveillance video of a possible shooting suspect. around 3:00 a.m. yesterday
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morning, police responded to a call for a shooting at the budget inn in the 3100 block of branch avenue in temple hills. the shooting victim was taken to the hospital, where that person is expected to recover. there have been no arrests in the case yet. the time is 5:06. coming up this morning, the next ♪
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our time is now 5:10. we have 74 degrees in the nation's capital. we can see some sunlight already this morning, kind of pinkish glow in the sky. u.s. capitol off there in the distance. looks clear actually without too much haze. we're going to get some heat, maybe not overwhelming humidity. let's find out from tom. >> not yet. that will be arriving later this afternoon. good morning. right now around the region, it's not too humid, and it's pleasant. we are in the low and mid-70s throughout much of the area. right now 76 at reagan national, and we have it near 70 in the suburbs and rural areas. we will have sunrise in about 40 minutes. that will be at 5:52 this morning.
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by 9:00 we'll be into the low 80s. ought to be near 90 by noontime. mid-90s by midafternoon, and by then we'll have sweltering humidity and a code orange for unhealthy air quality. we'll stay in the low to mid-90s through the rest of the afternoon. into this evening, here's your night planner. we'll have a warm and muggy evening into the 80s. back up to upper 70s by dawn tomorrow. and a steamy tuesday. could get some storms tomorrow. we'll look at those possibilities. rest of the week forecast and the weekend too at 5:21. danella, how's traffic snnch? >> a fatal pedestrian accident has shut down the 118 at crystal rock drive. i would suggest you take father hurley as an alternate. here at 270 in clarksburg, i do see volume heading out of 270 south. however, no significant delays at this time. as we take a look at 66 and
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route 50. in virginia, 66 inside and outside of the beltway, your lanes are clear with no accidents to report at this time or major delays. if you head up towards 395, look at this, north of duke street, so far 395 is clear, and rails are open. i can tell you, metro, marc, and vre are running on time. back to you, pat and joe. >> i'd like to see that. thanks very much, danella. our time is now 5:12. ahead, a local woman is a world cup hero. also maybe it's not what you're eating. maybe it's your shower habits that could be derailing your diet. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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welcome back. at 5:15. new laws and new ads you see combatting distracted driving may be working. the study by the national highway traffic safety
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administration out this morning shows a sharp decline in cell phone use and texting behind the wheel in two pilot programs. one study in hartford, connecticut, showed a 57% drop in handheld cell use and a 72% drop in texting while driving. another study in syracuse showed a 32% drop in both categories. the programs used stepped up enforcement and media campaigns to discourage distracted driving. the car you drive ten years from now could be much smaller thanks to increasing mileage standards. the government and automakers are in talks right now over how high the required mileage on new cars will be. the obama administration is aiming for cars to average 56 miles per gallon by 2025. right now automakers are required to have all their vehicles average 35 miles per gallon by 2016. the automakers say higher mileage standards mean smaller cars, more electric and hybrid vehicles, and likely higher prices. 5:16 is the time.
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new from overnight, rescuers pull dozens of bodies from the wreckage after a train derailed in india. at least 67 people died and more than 100 were injured when a train left the tracks yesterday afternoon. the conductor reportedly slammed on the emergency brakes to save cattle that were wandering onto the tracks in northern india. the train was traveling at 60 miles an hour when it derailed. india's rail system is one of the largest in the world, carrying about 14 million passengers a year. dozens of children are among the nearly 100 who are missing after an overloaded cruise boat sank on the volga river in russia. so far nine are confirmed dead and 80 have been pulled from the water. the two-deck cruise boat was carrying 185 people on a scenic trip along the volga river when it went down on sunday. the boat was only certified to carry 120 people. the water is about 65 feet deep in that area. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. today a texas man will be laid to rest after falling to
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his death at a baseball game. shannon stone will be buried in his hometown of brownwood, texas. he fell over an outfield railing trying to catch a souvenir baseball for his son at a texas rangers game. the rangers have set up an account for donations to help stone's family. the athletics, the team playing the rangers that night, have already chipped in $5,000. funeral services for former first lady betty ford will begin tomorrow in california. the wife of former president gerald ford died friday at the age of 93. there will be two funeral services, one tomorrow morning in palm springs, california, then another at the gerald ford museum in grand rapids, michigan, on thursday. thursday would have been the former president's 98th birthday. this morning a new report shows d.c. is the number one housing market in the country in terms of recovery. the real estate firm clear capital says that by year's end average home prices in this area will climb more than 7% and
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regain one-third of the value 2. meanwhile, prices alternately are expected to drop more than 3% before 2012. clear capital named virginia beach the worst performing major housing market in the country and blamed high unemployment there as a factor. other top performing markets in the report include new york, orlando, dallas, and san francisco. a local rock venue is one of the best in the country. billboard ranked the 9:30 club in northwest washington as the second hottest club and the secondmost influential club in north america. the company created the ranking based on box office sales and reviews from top concert promoters. >> that's good news. the apple ipad 2 has been on the market for several months. so it's time for the ipad 3, at least speculation about it. word is the next ipad won't even be called the ipad 3. instead, industry insiders say
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the device will be called the ipad hd. hd for its high resolution screen. the ipad 3 or ipad hd, whatever it ends up being called, should be out in march or april of next year. well, get aed low of this. if you're having trouble losing weight, it could be from so called chemical calories found in everyday soaps. doctors at the mt. sinai medical center in new york found certain chemicals shampoo, body lotions, and soap could throw off the body's natural weight control system. they found a link between those chemicals in childhood obesity and weight problems in adults. >> they're going to have to explain that a little bit more to me for me to completely get that. >> they need to come clean. come completely clean about that story. >> with all the facts. let's go to tom now. he's looking at our forecast for today. tom? sunrise matches pat's pink suit this morning. we've got a pink sunrise under way. there's capitol hill, a little bit of haze in the air, not too
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humid yet. that's a live picture from the city camera. right now at reagan national, we are at 76. low 70s in prince george's county, much of southern maryland, and near the bay. west and north in montgomery county. in fairfax county, we're just near 70 degrees. arlington county now low to mid-70s. farther to our west, weather watchers reporting temperatures around 70 around the blue ridge and parts of the shenandoah valley we've dipped into the upper-o 60s under a clear sky ts morning. the sun will be up in about a half hour at 5:52. by 9:00 we will be into the low 80s. in fact, it will be near 90 by noontime. by midafternoon ought to be hitting the mid-90s. code orange for unhealthy air quality. if you do have a heart or respiratory ailment, stay inside this afternoon. we'll be in the 90s with the air pollution building, uncomfortably hot and humid too. tomorrow even hotter. it's going to be steamy. very humid day with highs reaching near 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. and we will have a possibility
5:22 am
perhaps of a late morning or an afternoon passing thunderstorm. that to be followed by a break. so all this should be just a mini heat wave today and tomorrow. low humidity returns on wednesday, thursday, and friday. each day with sunshine, we'll be having highs in the 80s to near 90 with lower humidity and morning lows into the 60s on thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. afternoon highs each day in the 80s. just a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm friday, saturday, and sunday. you can check the weather any time, the weather channel on cable. and you can check the traffic right now with danella sealock. good morning, danella. >> good morning. i still have 118 closed between aircraft drive and crystal rock drive. this is due to a fatal pedestrian accident. avoid 118 all together, try to take father hurley instead until this road is reopened. let's take a live look, 495 at new hampshire avenue. 495, inner loop and outer loop in maryland, you're looking great as we head down to virginia, the beltway in
5:23 am
virginia. smooth ride for you as well. and i want to show you this. d.c., i'm checking your local roadways. this is "h" street and -- i'm sorry. this is "h" street northwest. i can tell you here, "h" and second is clear. i'm checking local roadways. no major volume at this time. rails are looking great. metro, marc, and vre all running on time. >> thanks, danella. and she does! and the usa are into the last four! >> the u.s. caps a dramatic comeback, defeating power house brazil in penalty kicks to move on in the women's world cup. earlier in the game, thanks to a red card, the u.s. played half the game down a player. with just seconds remaining in the match, down 2-1, abby wombach scores to tie the game, where the american women win in penalty kicks. to top it all off, the game-winning penalty kick was scored by alexandria, virginia
5:24 am
native, ellie krieger. the women will square off against france, and the winner of that game goes to the world cup finals. the nationals probably aren't going to win the n.l. east title this season. but at the all-star break, the nats are at .500. they enter the break at 46 wins and 46 losses, and they've done it mostly without all-star third baseman ryan zimmerman, who missed 58 games with an abdominal injury. free agent jayson werth has been a bit of a disappointment so far, hitting just .218 this season. and the last time the nats ended the all-star break at or above .500 was in 2005, their very first season in d.c. they were 16 games over the mark at that point but ended the season at .500. now to a future nationals star bryce harper. he played in the minor league's futures all-star game yesterday in arizona. he was a hit before the game certainly, showing off fans with a slugging a towering 430-foot
5:25 am
home run in batting practice. unfortunately, he could not carry that momentum into the actual game. he went 0 for 4, including two strikeouts. the royal newlywed couple have returned to great britain this morning after a whirl wind trip to north america. their final stop in california included a red carpet reception, a polo match, and meetings with inner city children and military veterans. nbc's jinah kim has highlights. >> reporter: the duke and duchess of cambridge began their final day in the united states by showing their creative and compassionate sides. they visited inner city arts in downtown los angeles, a nonprofit center teaching art to children who live in and around skid row. >> it is my honor to introduce his royal highness, the duke of cambridge. >> reporter: their next and final stop, a job fair for veterans at sony pictures
5:26 am
studios, called hiring our heroes. >> they are the front lip ne of remarkable relationship between the united kingdom, the united states, and canada, which has safeguarded our freedoms for a century. >> reporter: in all, the royal newlyweds spent a little less than 48 hours in southern california but managed to pack in six major events, including a venture capital summit, a polo match, and a red carpet event with hollywood superstars. jinah kim, nbc news, culver city, california. >> give new meaning to the term whi whirlwind, i guess. it's a busy visit. our time is 5:26. coming up, a traffic alert. [ mr. clopper ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does... good morning chickens! [ jim ] you know, that's our business so we want to be the experts in chicken.
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water main work. the troublesome spot that will be under repair today and what it could mean for you. and debt debates. some major changes in concessions as democrats and republicans haggle over a critical vote. good morning. welcome back to "news 4 today."
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i'm joe krebs. >> i'm pat lawson muse. eun yang is off this morning. take a look at the sunrise. this is the city cam shot over washington as the sun begins to wake up, covering the sky with a hue of pink. >> it is just like your suit, and it will be wonderful to have pat with us too. great to have you with us this morning, pat. >> thank you. we will have heat and humidity building as we get into the afternoon. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right now 76 in washington at reagan national airport. also in annapolis, those are the warm spots. elsewhere, most locations are right around 70 degrees. we're about 20 minutes away from sunrise. we'll hold steady here in the low to mid-70s over the next few hours, and then we'll have a rapid warm-up. out of the mountains, a bit cooler now in western maryland, much of west virginia in the mid and upper 60s. we will have temperatures on the eastern shore hold steady near 70 as well over the next few hours. a southerly breeze will bring in increased humidity and increased heat as the day progresses. sunrise is at 5:52. and it will be up in a mostly
5:31 am
clear sky. a little bit of haze around this morning, but the humidity will increase as the afternoon temperatures climb into the mid-90s by midafternoon. also code orange unhealthy air quality. a look at the night planner in about ten minutes at 5:41. pat? >> thanks, tom. in the news from overnight, a deadly pedestrian accident in montgomery county has parts of a germantown road shut down at this hour. news 4's tracee wilkins joins us live with more. good morning, tracee. >> reporter: good morning, pat. police have identified the driver as a 55-year-old germantown man. there behind me is his vehicle. he did stay here on the scene. police say that his vehicle struck a 20-year-old pedestrian as he crossed the street here at 1:18. montgomery county police say just before 1:00 a.m., the 20-year-old pedestrian was crossing in the southbound lanes of 118 at a diagonal outside the crosswalk when he was struck by a silver lexus. the pedestrian was transported to the hospital where he died of
5:32 am
his injuries. police say the victim is a 20-year-old male, but they are withholding his name pending the notification of his family of his death. we asked them about the driver of the lexus facing charges. here's what they had to say. even with this pedestrian walking outside the crosswalk, there is the possibility that the driver could face charges? >> in any crash, we go through the facts and go where the evidence leads us. >> reporter: as you can see here, 118 is closed down. we're told by police it could impact the morning rush. with more information, we'll go to danella sealock. i would suggest at this time you take father hurley boulevard, avoid 118 all together. if you're traveling 270 south, i'm seeing some delays for you as you make your way out of urbana and head down towards clarksburg. i'm going to give you a live look at 109. the tail lights are 270 heading south. you're still traveling at a good
5:33 am
speed after you pass clarksburg. 95 north of the occoquan, see these tail lights, that's everybody heading north. i am seeing some volume in this area. so far no significant delays. joe, back to you. >> thanks very much, danella. for the third time in five days, house and senate leaders will meet to hammer out a deal over the debt limit. the white house says they have just over a week to raise the ceiling or the country and the world could face an economic crisis. nbc's kristen dahlgren is live on capitol hill this morning. kristen, good morning to you. any indication of any progress so far? >> reporter: not so far. the president has told congressional leaders be prepared to meet every day this week. it was a rare sunday meeting at the white house between the two sides. it was short, and it was described by at least one person as a bit tense. there were no ties. the dress was business casual as they all gathered around the table. really at the end we're told they weren't much closer to any type of agreement. the president is still pushing for a grand plan, $4 trillion in deficit reductions.
5:34 am
he says he's open to cuts in social security and medicare in exchange for closing some tax loopholes. republicans, on the other hand, though, are standing firm on no tax changes. they're looking for a little bit of a smaller plan 2 to $2.5 trillion is where they're at at this point. the president was asked going in, can you get something done within the next ten days? his answer was we need to. he'll be answering questions this morning. he's hosting another press conference at 11:00 this morning. in the afternoon, he plans to meet again with congressional leaders. joe, he's told republicans this time to bring specifics on exactly what they want. >> kristen dahlgren reporting live. kristen, thanks very much. and president obama, as kristen said, will hold a press conference to address the talks. that will be at 11:00. you can watch that special report right here on nbc 4. the u.s. has found temporary savings by stopping the flow of money to one of our biggest allies in the fight against
5:35 am
terrorism. the white house has suspended $800 million in aid to pakistan's military. this comes after a statement by the chairman of the joint chiefs, admiral mike mullen, that pakistan's security forces may have allowed the killing of a pakistani journalist. salim shahzad was investigating connections between extremists and the pakistani military. ties between the two countries have been strained since the killing of osama bin laden. 5:35 is the time. today prince george's county police will hold a press conference to announce they've made an arrest in the murder of a convenience store clerk. back in april, 65-year-old richard chong sun nam was killed in the "n" street market on annapolis road in bladensburg. police say the robber then set the store on fire to cover up what might have been a robbery attempt. you may see a low flying plane in the air today. nasa is conductsing an air
5:36 am
pollution study. a research plane is set to fly over maryland on i-95. the study will start this morning and wrap up around 7:00 tonight. similar flights will continue throughout the month. ♪ i got no job but i get up again ♪ >> the song "tub thumping" by the band chubawomba woke up this morning. they dedicated the song to astronaut sandra magnus, as they started unloading a year's worth of supplies at the international space station. nasa engineers are tracking space junk headed towards the space station and could hit the iss sometime tomorrow. nasa says it's not sure exactly what the space junk is or how large it is. engineers plan to have a better idea of that sometime later today. 5:36 is the time. according to several reports, tiger woods plans to make an important announcement this morning. the world's former number one golfer is scheduled to make an appearance on the golf channel
5:37 am
at 11:00. woods has not played since the players championship, when he withdrew after nine holes after reinjuring his knee and his achilles tendon. the nature of the announcement still unknown. testimony in the perjury case against one of baseball's all-time greats is scheduled to begin this week. opening statements in the trial against seven-time cy young award winner roger clemens are tentatively set for wednesday. clemens is charged with lying to congress about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. if convicted, he faces serious jail time and up to $1.5 million in fines. meanwhile, the sex abuse trial against redskins lineman albert haynesworth has been postponed until next month. the skins' $100 million man was supposed to appear in court this morning, but his attorneys asked the trial be delayed until august the 2nd to accommodate the schedules of some defense witnesses. haynesworth is charged with misdemeanor sex abuse after a waitress at the "w" hotel accused him of groping her back in february. his attorneys will be in court
5:38 am
this morning to confirm the new date. our time is 5:37. and ahead this morning, where water main work is going on. it's going to back up traffic on a major route. we'll tell you about that. plus pepco tops one
5:39 am
5:40 am
good morning of the time for weather and traffic early on
5:41 am
this monday morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein, off to a pleasant start now. not too humid yet. that's going to be arriving later this afternoon. right now a pleasant start to this day. no travel problems weatherwise. low to mid-70s throughout most of the region. 76 at reagan national under a clear sky. there's the live view from our city camera. the sun will be up in about 12 minutes. that will be at 5:52. by 9:00 we'll be in the low 80s. hazy sunshine in the afternoon. midafternoon into the mid-90s. unhealthy air quality as the air pollution builds into the afternoon. a hot and humid afternoon and a warm and humid evening. we'll be in the 80s through the evening. here's the night planner. by this time tomorrow morning, the upper 70s. a steamy start to tuesday. we'll take a look at tomorrow and big changes on the way for the rest of the week into the weekend in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? i still have 118 shut down due to a fatal pedestrian accident. this is at aircraft drive and crystal rock drive.
5:42 am
take father hurley as an national route. in prince george's county, i'm taking a look. it's a smooth commute so far. a live look at 66. 66 both inside and outside of the beltway in virginia, you have a smooth commute. i am seeing some volume as you head east, but nothing too significant at this time. and metro and vre are both looking good. however, minor delay on the marc. it's the penn south, train number 403. your delay is six minutes. back to you, pat and joe. >> danella, thanks very much. our time is now 5:42. still to come, a
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5:45 am
pepco is at the top of the heap. coming in first place on the
5:46 am
list no company wants to even be on. according to the american customer satisfaction index group, pepco is the most hated company in the country. the utility ranked dead last in customer satisfaction because of complaints about poor service, high prices, and privacy intrusions. pepco was followed by delta. time warner cable took the third spot. comcast took the fourth spot. comcast is the parent company of nbc universal, which owns nbc 4. and cable tv provider charter communications came in fifth. bank of america, jp morgan chase, american airlines, and u.s. airways also made that list. here's a look at the other companies that made the list. delta came in second. time warner took the third spot, as we said. and comcast came in third. new from overnight, a water main break sent water into the street near key bridge and canal road in georgetown. this all appears to be from a water main break.
5:47 am
our news crew snapped these pictures of water gushing right around midnight last night. the water did, though, subside pretty quickly. water in the street is nothing new in that area of georgetown, of course. today work begins on a major upgrade that could affect your commute. news 4's megan mcgrath is live on canal road now with details. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, joe. we're starting to see the signs of this major project getting under way here on canal road. you can see the water crews who are here on the scene. they're taking away the far right lane on canal road. what they're doing is draining a 48-inch water main. this is a major pipe that they're going to be working on over the next couple of months here. they're tradraining it out so t can get this project under way. what they'll be doing is actually sealing the joints of this pipe to make sure that it's safe, that it's no longer leaking. apparently, they're having issues with the joints leaking. this is a major project, a major transmission line in the area.
5:48 am
it's going to mean lane closures along canal road, unfortunately, for folks. they're trying to limit the work during the nonpeak hours. we are going to see traffic impacts here. the work is going to take place starting today, monday through friday, 9:30 to 3:30 until september.etch of canal road between macarthur boulevard and 35th street. right now again what they're doing is draining that pipe. they're not actually working on it yet. they closed down the last valves to the pipe at 1:00 this morning. with a pipe that size, it's going to take a while to get it out of there. it's dumping into the c&o canal right now. once they get that squared away, this project will get under way. keep in mind, if you travel through this stretch, one lane on canal road, you know it's going to cause some problems. joe, back to you. >> that's going to get ugly. thanks so much. megan mcgrath reporting live. starting today, you can reserve tickets to visit the national september 11th memorial at the world trade center site
5:49 am
in new york. the memorial opens to the public september 12th, a day after events marking the tenth anniversary of the deadly attacks. log on to 9/11 to reserve passes. only 1,500 people can fit into the memorial at a time. republican lawmakers using the casey anthony trial to explain why he believes u.s. courts should not hear suspected terrorist cases. last week a florida jury found the mother not guilty of murder in the death of her daughter caylee. this weekend senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said the anthony case proves the difficulty of getting a conviction in the u.s. court. the republican says the military commission should take up cases of suspected terrorists. meanwhile this morning, hackers are trying to use the casey anthony trial to spread a computer virus on facebook. it looks like a length to a video showing anthony confessing supposedly. this virus comes as facebook revealed its new video
5:50 am
conferencing partnership with skype. former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn is denying reports this morning that he is still considering running for president of france. speculation has grown that strauss-kahn would re-enter the race after recent reports that an accused rape victim's credibility was in question. friends say strauss-kahn believes it's not possible for him to win regardless of the outcome of sexual assault accusations against him. this morning, more fallout from the phone hacking scandal involving journalists from a british tabloid in london. ceo rupert murdoch shut down his tabloid "news of the world." he flew to london yesterday on its final day of publication. british news reports u.s. federal investigators could look into allegations the tabloid routinely paid police officers for information. scotland yard is already investigating allegations that journalists at the paper hacked into the voicemails of murder victims, families of fallen soldiers, celebrities, and
5:51 am
politicians. the social coupon site groupon wants to make its new rules on privacy public. it announced it's collecting personal information about users and sharing it with other businesses. groupon says the goal is to offer more relevant deals in more categories. for instance, if a person uses groupon and expedia, the travel website will also know your buying habits. some analysts say that privacy change is one step in groupon becoming a public company. ♪ a local rock venue is one of the best in the country. billboard ranked the 9:30 club in northwest washington as the second hottest club and the second most influential club in north america. the company created the ranking based on box office sales and reviews from top concert promoters. billboard ranked new york's bowebow ry ballroom the most influential
5:52 am
and the vegas hard rock as the hottest. get ready for another scorcher out there today. the area's stifing heat and humidity has given the nation' capital a dubious honor. they ranked washington, d.c., the sixth hottest city in the country. with the hottest city in the northeast, we found several people trying to stay cool over the weekend. emergency officials say they see a 25% increase in calls during the heat wave. the weather channel used a combination of statistics to come up with the rankings. yuma, arizona, came up with number one hottest city in the country. >> and tom is here to tell us which number we're going to land on this morning. this is not good news for those who have to work outside, like will the landscaper who i ran into at the supermarket on saturday. landscapers have got to spend all their day outside. this kind of weather, you've go to respect this kind of heat. thanks for watching us, will. he's a faithful viewer of news 4
5:53 am
for years. the temperatures around the region, low to mid-70s. higher in montgomery, fairfax, and prince george's. farther to our west and north, rural areas have dipped down into the upper 60s, low 70s. it's a pleasant summer morning and not too humid yet. later this afternoon, it will get steamy. temperatures there in the low 60s to mid-60s, so a very pleasant start there. around the bay and eastern shore, temperatures there around 70 degrees. we'll have the humidity building this afternoon. these are the highs expected this afternoon around the region. mid-90s quite likely in the dark red zone throughout most of maryland, virginia, the eastern shore. west virginia, western maryland, most locations, highs in the 80s later today. this morning a clear sky. winds shifting to the south and southwest. it will build the heat and humidity. there's the sunrise over the potomac river. sun just came up.
5:54 am
temperatures by 9:00 in the low 80s. afternoon temperatures ought to make it to mid-90s. unfortunately, with air pollution building, we'll have a code orange for unhealthy air quality this afternoon. tonight we'll be mostly clear. going to be a warm and muggy evening in the 80s. by dawn tomorrow, upper 70s. tuesday even hotter than today. in fact, near record heat. record tomorrow near 99, set on that date back in 1908. it's one of only four days in july where the record high is below 100. we may exceed the record high for tomorrow. there's a chance of a late morning or afternoon thunderstorm as well. after that, lower humidity moves in. much more pleasant, cooler too. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, each day low humidity with highs generally in the 80s. morning lows 60s. small chance of an afternoon storm saturday and sunday. danella, good morning. how's traffic? good morning. still have 118 shut down between aircraft drive and crystal rock drive in germantown. use father hurley boulevard as
5:55 am
an alternate for you. i want to show you. this 270, you are jammed as you make your way south from urbana to clarksburg. this is a look at 270 and 109. it's pretty much stop and go. i want to show you the beltway in virginia. you have a smooth ride. no delays for you as you make your way on the beltway in virginia. metro, vre are looking good. now penn south, you have a delay on the marc. this is train number 403. your delay is five minutes. back to you, pat and joe. >> thanks, danella. the car you drive ten years from now could be much smaller. the government and automakers are in talks right now about changing the required mileage on new cars. the obama administration is aiming for cars to average 56 miles per gallon by 2025. right now automakers are required to have all their vehicles average 35 miles per gallon by 2015. higher mileage standards mean smaller cars, more electric and hybrid vehicles, and likely higher prices.
5:56 am
and speaking of higher prices, gas is back on the rise. this morning the national average is $3.63 a gallon for regular. that's up 7 cents from a week ago. d.c., however, has seen a little bit of a drop, down 2 cents overnight to $3.84 a gallon. in maryland, drivers are paying 8 cents more than a week ago at $3.63. virginia still has the cheapest gas in the region at $3.53 a gallon. prices in west virginia are holding steady at $3.63. 5:56 is the time. police in frederick, maryland, need help tracking down a murder suspect. police are looking for this man, melvin williams smith in connection with the deadly shooting of a frederick woman denise richardson. smith, who goes by the nickname rock, they say that he had a romantic relationship with the victim. he is considered armed and dangerous. the fbi is investigating whether a child pornography ring could be involved in the murder of felicia barnes.
5:57 am
that according to a north carolina tv station. the 17-year-old vanished while v visiting family in baltimore last december. her body was found four months later near the dam on the susquehanna river. according to the report, investigators are seeking warrants for the facebook and e-mail accounts of barnes and four baltimore men. an fbi agent told the station they have reason to believe those accounts may have evidence of child sex crimes or pornography. an unusual catch by a fisherman in delaware has led to a multiagency investigation this morning. police say a maryland man was fishing off fenwick island, delaware, when he reeled in hair, sunglasses, a shark's tooth necklace, and hair bands. the man turned the items over to park rangers, who called in the coast guard and state troopers to investigate. a medical examiner is attempting to determine whether the hair is human and what gender the person the hair might have come from. how the casey anthony trial changed the life do
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